Have You Ever Had A Hole In One?


Posted by Dexter Francois | Posted in , , , | Posted on Thursday, September 2, 2010

Today marks the 24th anniversary of one of the amazing events in golf history. Arnold Palmer made a hole in one on a par 3 with a 5-iron. Amazing enough even for the King of golf. What makes the story even better, is that he repeated the same feat, the very next day, on the same hole, with the same 5-iron. Unbelievable.

I have been playing for three years now and I have yet to record a hole in one. Every time I go out for a round, I say to myself, "This is the day. Today I am going to get a hole in one." Nothing yet though. Probably because I am thinking about it too much when I am on the tee box.

I have come close. Really close. It came on the par 3 12th hole at Miami Springs Golf & Country Club. This the description of the hole:

This par 3 is one of the longest par 3's you will ever play. A fairway wood or driver is required for you tee shot. The green slopes left to right and the there are no bunkers surrounding the green. A par is a great score.

The hole was playing all of the 278 yards that is posted on the tee box. I took out my driver and hit a dead straight drive right at the pin. It never left it the entire time. The ball landed about 15 feet short of the green and ran up towards the back right hole location.

The whole time I was still holding my follow through, saying out loud, "Just disappear." Just disappear." The ball kept on rolling and it got near the hole and stopped just six inches short. SO CLOSE!!!

I actually never got to see how close it really was. I was riding with Marc and he pulled his tee shot, so we had to go find his ball. Kevin and Hurchell were in the other cart. They got up to the green before we did.

As Marc and I were driving up to the green, Kevin was standing over my ball. He looked at me, looked at the ball, and then hit the ball back down the green towards me. WHAT ARE YOU DOING MAN!?!? At least let me get a look at it. Let me tap it in. Something like that doesn't happen often.

The only reason I know it was within six inches was because Kevin told me it was. So close. I can't wait for the day I finally net my first hole in one. I am not going to put pressure on myself though. The only thing I am thinking about now is grooving my new swing. It will come. I know it will. And when it does, Arnold Palmers on me. Have a great round and always hit your target.

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