Terry Crick Says, "Amateurs Teach Amateurs To Play Golf Like Amateurs"


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I had the pleasure of writing a guest post for one of my favorite golf blogs to visit, My PGA Golf Coach published by Coach Terry Crick. Coach Terry has a passion for teaching amateurs to play golf the right way. I love his enthusiasm. You get the sense that one of his main missions is life is teaching proper fundamentals to the amateur golfer. Coach Terry knows that amateurs will have more fun on the golf course when we score better and the only way to do that is learning the basics.

Coach Terry's favorite thing to say is, "Amateurs teach amateurs to play golf like amateurs." I agree. when I first started playing golf, my friends tried to teach me how to swing. The problem was that they had no idea what they were doing either so all I was getting was bad advice. All I learned was how to copy their mistakes.

It is important to get professional help when it come to golf. Golf can be such a technical game if you make it so, but if you find someone who can make it easy to understand then you are on your way to a better golf swing.

Coach Terry's teaching methods are very easy to understand and apply. He keeps all his instruction light and filled with excitement. I can tell that there is never a dull moment with him and his love for the game resonates with anyone he comes in contact with.

I encourage you to seek out your local PGA professional. Once you find someone you can connect with, the game will become so much easier, and thus more enjoyable. Be sure to check out Coach Terry Crick on a regular basis. Quality golf instruction is only a click away. Have a great round and always hit your target.

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Wishing You Happy Holidays, And Many Made Birdie Putts


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Happy Holidays!!! Hope your stockings are full of pars, birdies, and lots of made putts:-) Have a great round and always hit you target.

This monster putt must have been on Dave Pelz's wish list:-)

Santa putting found here.

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Finally... A Working Laptop, Some Warm Weather, And Focusing On My Pre-Shot Routine


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I haven't been able to post for a little while due to the fact that I was having trouble with my laptop. At the same time we experienced some cold weather over the past two weeks in South Florida. We got as low as 30 degrees one night last week. I had to really motivate myself to get out and practice.

South Floridians are spoiled when it comes to weather and year around playing conditions. If it gets too cold, it is easy for us say,"I'll take today off. It will be warmer tomorrow." We have the luxury of knowing that in the near future, the sun will be out again, and we will be treated to perfect conditions.

After reading this post by Heather from Real Women Golf , I just didn't feel right sitting at home because of a little cold weather. The rest of the country isn't as lucky as I am. I am sure some of you have faced similar conditions as the folks in the above picture. Nothing will stop some of you from getting a few hacks in.

I often read others golf blogger's posts as they count down the days until they can play golf again. This is something that is foreign to me as I have lived in Miami for the past 15 years and am moving to Arizona to be with my future wife in a few months. From warm to warmer right?

As I was practicing, I soon realized that I was going to have to be more focused in order to hit quality shots. Golf instructors always say that it is important to be comfortable before you take your swing. When the wind is howling and your hands begin to get cold, it definitely becomes harder to concentrate.

To help with concentration, I focused on my pre-shot routine, which, as my virtual mental coach David MacKenzie says, "...enables us to go into a concentration zone on demand, during our rounds and practice." He goes on to say, "Most negative interferences in the execution of a shot happen before we start the back swing. The routine takes us away from potentially negative thoughts and reminds us to be in a positive state of mind."

Going back to a familiar place makes a huge difference before hitting a shot. At the beginning of my practice session, I was distracted by the cold and my shots were all over the place. I was focused on staying warm rather than making a good swing. As soon as I reverted back to my normal pre-shot routine, my shots began to improve. Instead of focusing on the elements, I was able to put myself in a comfortable, familiar state of mind from which good shots are the result.

I will talk more about my pre-shot routine in some upcoming posts. After watching a few Sam Snead videos I having been working on some things that I think are helping my swing. The important thing about the pre-shot routine is to find something that works for you. Yours should fit your style of play and personality.

It's good to be back on my laptop writing about my experiences on the golf course. It also feels good to have the warm weather back for now. For those of you who can't play because of the weather, you can live vicariously through me. I promise not to be a wimp and to practice even if the conditions aren't ideal. I know that if you had the opportunity you would too because you love this game as much as I do. Stay warm fellow hackers.

Have a great round and always hit your target.

Cold Golfer Photo From World Golf Emporium.
Stay Focused Image Found Here.

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Jim Furyk Named 2010 PGA Player Of The Year


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In a recent post we explored the hip movement of Jim Furyk. I don't know how good a dancer he is, but his hip action through impact is one that is said to be "the envy of many pro tour players." Despite his unconventional swing, Furyk turned in the most consistent season of any golfer on tour and was named player of the year.

Furyk had already won the Fed-Ex Cup Championship. He took home three tournaments winning the Transitions Championship, The Verizon Heritage, and finally the Tour Championship. These wins along with 7 top ten finishes secured his place as the points leader at the end of the year.

Most instructors would never encourage their students to emulate Furyk's swing, but I'm sure they do point out the work ethic that Furyk demonstrates. Tonight on Golf Central, Brandel Chamblee told a story of being paired with Furyk back in 1994, which was Furyk's rookie year. Chamblee was taken aback by this ugly swing but quickly found out that the ugly swing produced beautiful shots. More importantly, Chamblee found out how hard Furyk worked on his golf game.

Furyk's swing is basically self taught. The only instructor he has ever had is his father Mike who spent time as head pro at Uniontown Country Club near Pittsburgh. It is said that there are few players on tour who put in the work that Furyk does, and it is quite evident when he plays. He will step up to a putt, and then back off. Then he will step up to a putt, and if he's not comfortable he will back off again. He leaves no stone unturned in preparation for his next shot.

Being named player of the year has started conversation that he may be approaching Hall Of Fame status. He already has a major, sixteen wins, and a Fed-Ex Cup Championship. With another major, he should be a lock to be inducted. Looking at his swing, you would never think so, but Furyk has certainly made myself and many others a believer. Well done Jim.

Have a great round and always hit your target.

Jim Furyk photo found here.

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