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Golf Tips & Quips is written by Dexter W. Francois

I'm just trying to get better at the game I have grown to love. This blog is kind of a journal of my progress to becoming a better golfer. I will share all the tips, drills, exercises, and experiences that I am using to improve. Hopefully they will help you too.

Where I Am From To Where I am Now:

I was born on the island of Trinidad; the same country PGA Tour Player Steven Ames is from. I am looking forward to playing a round with him some day. My parents moved to New Jersey when I was three and we lived there until I was 6. We then moved to Rhode Island, where I lived until I left for the University Of Miami at the age of 18. After receiving a Bachelors Of Business Administration degree, I decided to stay in Miami. Who wouldn't right?  I spent the next 14 years on the shores of South Beach before meeting my wife at a friends wedding in Phoenix Arizona. Now I am a resident of "The Valley Of The Sun." So basically I went from really good golf to really really good golf.

Why I Fell In Love With The Game Of Golf:

The first time I picked up a golf club was my senior year of high school and I absolutely hated it. Mainly because my life was all about baseball and basketball. Golf didn't seem like a real sport to me. Plus I stunk at it. It wasn't until one of my good friends from college gave me an old set of clubs and I hit that first pure shot, that I became hooked. The sensation I felt when the ball flew of the clubface was one that I wanted to feel over and over again. Since then it has become my obsession.

What Are My Goals:

My goals are pretty lofty. I want to play on the Champions Tour someday. That gives me 14 more years(from the time that I am writing this)to make it. I know, I know. It may seem like a Pipe Dream, and many others have the same improbable dream, but I have always liked a challenge, and this is as big a challenge as there is.

Contact Me:

I love receiving free stuff, so if you would like me to do an honest review of your product, or would like to talk about partnerships, just send me an email and we can talk. No spam please!!!


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