Jim Furyk Named 2010 PGA Player Of The Year


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In a recent post we explored the hip movement of Jim Furyk. I don't know how good a dancer he is, but his hip action through impact is one that is said to be "the envy of many pro tour players." Despite his unconventional swing, Furyk turned in the most consistent season of any golfer on tour and was named player of the year.

Furyk had already won the Fed-Ex Cup Championship. He took home three tournaments winning the Transitions Championship, The Verizon Heritage, and finally the Tour Championship. These wins along with 7 top ten finishes secured his place as the points leader at the end of the year.

Most instructors would never encourage their students to emulate Furyk's swing, but I'm sure they do point out the work ethic that Furyk demonstrates. Tonight on Golf Central, Brandel Chamblee told a story of being paired with Furyk back in 1994, which was Furyk's rookie year. Chamblee was taken aback by this ugly swing but quickly found out that the ugly swing produced beautiful shots. More importantly, Chamblee found out how hard Furyk worked on his golf game.

Furyk's swing is basically self taught. The only instructor he has ever had is his father Mike who spent time as head pro at Uniontown Country Club near Pittsburgh. It is said that there are few players on tour who put in the work that Furyk does, and it is quite evident when he plays. He will step up to a putt, and then back off. Then he will step up to a putt, and if he's not comfortable he will back off again. He leaves no stone unturned in preparation for his next shot.

Being named player of the year has started conversation that he may be approaching Hall Of Fame status. He already has a major, sixteen wins, and a Fed-Ex Cup Championship. With another major, he should be a lock to be inducted. Looking at his swing, you would never think so, but Furyk has certainly made myself and many others a believer. Well done Jim.

Have a great round and always hit your target.

Jim Furyk photo found here.

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