Dexter's Laboratory (My Own Private Practice Golf Course)


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A couple of days I posted about leaving my driver out of the bag for now while I get used to the swing change I am working on. In that post there were a few pictures of a golf course. These were of my own personal practice course. My laboratory.

I am fortunate to live near a former par 3 that is now open to the public for free. Apparently they used to charge six or seven dollars to play there, but since the city of Miami Beach gave part of the land to the two neighboring schools, they stopped charging. I hop on my bike with two or three clubs and I am there in 10 minutes.

There are six holes remaining on this track. It is "somewhat" maintained by Miami Beach Golf Club (MBGC), which neighbors it. Basically you are hitting out of the rough on every shot. It is never perfectly manicured, but it is not hard to find a decent patch of grass from which to hit from.

There is no drainage system so when it rains it gets flooded which makes it look like the course has lakes. A little added incentive to hit good shots in practice or else I lose the ball.

I get to work on every part of my game except putting. The greens are not kept in good shape, so for that I simply go MBGC to practice. I am lucky that I have this course available to me so that I can experiment with my swing. My friends have to plan to go to the driving range. They have to load their clubs, drive to the course, pay for balls, and then finally they get to hit some balls. Not me. I have my shag bag and I am in my laboratory in no time. I can stay there all day if want(sometimes I do).

The following is a short slide show of Dexter's Laboratory. You will see what I am talking about when I said every shot is from the rough. I will never complain though. If I did not find this course, I would not be where I am today. Now that I have a virtual swing coach, I will only continue to improve. And...I do not have to pay to practice. Which makes practice even more fun.

Have a good round and always hit your target.

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