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If you have ever visited this blog before you know that I love The Golf Fix with Michael Breed. He has been like my personal instructor, via television, for the past two years. I never miss an episode on Monday nights. I make sure I have everything in order by 7:00 PM to insure I get my weekly lesson.

Today begins the 92nd playing of the PGA Championship and The PGA is broadcasting live from their website. They have several features to help enhance your golf viewing experience.

They have a par 3 cam which features the par 3's on the course at Whistling Straits. They also have a picture-picture option for people like me who just can not get enough . If they had an option to follow each group, I would opt into it. Then again...maybe a bit much.

GolfTraxx is a GPS hole tracking system which allows the viewer the ability to see the ball flights of the players. The simulation of the course is great. It looks like the real thing. This is a good feature if you are interested in how the pros shape their shots. Navigating this difficult course successfully will require working the ball around the bunkers and into the tough pin placements.

The 3-D feature highlights the 12th and 17th green(that's the two holes on the right). You will have to download some software and purchase the glasses. If I had known about this beforehand, I might have downloaded it. It would be kind of interesting to see the ball coming into the green in 3-D action. The landscaping will probably look amazing as well.

The whole experience is centered around the Marquee Group. Each round will feature a group that they will follow for their entire round. Today's group includes, Vijay Singh, Y.E. Yang, and Tiger Woods. There is some history between Tiger and these two talented players. It will be interesting to see how this group does playing together for the first two rounds.

As an added bonus, viewers can send in their questions to Breed via email, twitter, or facebook. This is great because, so far, Breed has been going though each shot step by step. It is a great way to get a little insight into how the pros play the game from a course management aspect.

There is a lot of golf to be played over the next four days. It may go even longer if the mornings continue to start out as foggy as it did today. Continued delays will make it hard to finish on time on Sunday. I would not mind. It would be more golf to watch. TNT and CBS will be splitting the television coverage duties. If that is not enough for you, now you have another way to get your golf fix. Have a good round and always hit your target.

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