Rain, Rain, Go Away...Golf Is What I Want To Play


Posted by Dexter Francois | Posted in , , , | Posted on Sunday, August 8, 2010

I haven't played a round of golf since returning from my trip to Hilton Head Island, SC so I was excited about my round today at Crandon Park Golf Course on Key Biscayne, FL. Unfortunately Mother Nature has her own agenda. It is raining and raining hard. As I am writing this the rain is literally blowing sideways. Not what I had in mind for today.

Normally we would venture out to the course anyway and try to wait it out. Even if we started the round, we could always seek shelter as the weather in S. Florida can change from minute to minute. The weather right now though, is borderline tropical storm. Looks like I will be watching golf instead of playing golf today.

The main reason I wanted to get out there today was to film my golf swing from a down the line view. A few post ago I was thinking about maybe picking up a Medicus Dual-Hinge Driver to get rid of the loopy motion that has become my swing. I need something or someone to show me what to do to put me back on the proper swing plane.

I posted a video of my swing from the face on position and received some great feedback. Mike Southern of the Ruthless Golf blog said that he might have some ideas for me on how to fix "the Loop", but needs to see a down the line shot. He is a sympathetic soul as he confided that he had suffered from the same problem. After working with his swing coach and changing something in his takeaway, the swing flaw was eliminated.

I have been itching to get out there since going back and forth with Mike, so you can imagine my disappointment. I might try to get out there for a late afternoon round, but the whole reason for playing in the morning was so that I could watch the final round of the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational.

Wait a minute. Wait just a second. Is that sun I see? South Florida weather is crazy. Maybe I will be able to get that round in after all. If anything, I can always catch the tournament replay on The Golf Channel at 9:00 PM. Please send positive, good weather vibes my way. Have a good round and always hit your target.

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