A Few Happy Gilmore Swings Before Watching The PGA Championship


Posted by Dexter Francois | Posted in , , , , , | Posted on Monday, August 16, 2010

My Buddy Marc and I got in a round of golf yesterday at Miami Springs Golf & Country Club. We wanted to get out early before the South Florida heat could set in. I also wanted to be home in time to watch the final round of the PGA Championship at Whistling Straits. Unfortunately we did not tee off until about 11:30 AM, so it was hot and I would have to miss part of the tournament(I did make it home in time to see the leaders finish the back nine).

I can play whenever. I've played in Arizona with temperatures soaring over 115 degrees. I just like to play. Give me lots of water and Gatorade and I am good to go. It takes a little coaxing to get Marc out in the heat, but once he is out there, he is as game as any.

Marc has really come along this summer. He has improved his chipping and pitching tremendously and he has a natural eye with his putter. If I can get him to practice more he could really develop a decent golf game.

In a prior post, I shared Marc and I attempting a tandem Happy Gilmore swing. I am obsessed with trying to perfect the swing. I even started a Facebook group dedicated to the Happy Gilmore swing. Members send in their own hilarious attempts or those that they find on Youtube. Some are excellent, some are okay, and some border on the ridiculous. The course was wide open so we decided to get some more footage on the 18th tee.

It is not as easy as it looks. It takes a tremendous amount of timing and coordination to pull off this shot. Even the young golf sensation Rory Mcilroy struggled when he tried it in front of the cameras.

Our feeble attempts were hilarious. Needless to say, we each needed multiple takes to pull it off. Well, I pulled it off(sorry Marc). Marc was not so successful. We ended up spending five minutes on the tee box filming ourselves acting like fools. Like I said it was hot and I guess no one else was crazy enough to be out there, so we had all the time we wanted.

Marc made me promise not to show this to the general public. I think he even tried to use the Jedi mind trick on me, but it makes for good viewing. So again. Sorry buddy. I'm sure he will get over it...I hope. Have a good round and always hit your target.

Marc's 1st Attempt - This is just a warm up. Yeeaahh...That's it.

Marc's 2nd Attempt - I think he tries to get under the ball and scoop it up. Never try to help the ball into the air. Let the club do the work. HA!

Marc's 3rd Attempt - Contact! But where did the ball go? Don't think we have to look very far.

My 1st Attempt - All I did was make myself dizzy. And...how do I hit the ground a foot behind the ball?

My 2nd Attempt - Success! Pushed it a little right, but I got it out there.

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