Aaron Baddeley Wins The Northern Trust Open With His Eyes Closed


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Well...Not really. What I am referring to is something that I noticed in Aaron Baddeley's pre-shot routine which may have been the secret as to why he won The Northern Trust Open held at the famed Riviera Country Club. Just before he walks up to his ball, he closes his eyes. It's only for about two or three seconds, but for a moment, he is in his own world.

He does this as a means to visualize how he wants to shape his his next shot. A lot of players talk about visualizing their shot before they attempt it. It is a way to give yourself a clear picture of the outcome that is desired.

In the video below, Baddeley said that he had problems visualizing his shots with his eyes open. Too many distractions. When he closes his eyes, his "minds eye" takes over, and his attention becomes singular, only focused on making a proper swing.

This was Baddeley's first win since 2007 when he won the Waste Management, Phoenix Open, formerly known as the FBR. It is hard to say why there was so much time between victories. Some might say it was because he was going back and forth between the Stack & Tilt and a more conventional swing. None of that matters anymore for the moment. This was a quality win in a tournament that boasted a field with a lot of big names. 

Maybe I'll try this technique. It may look a little strange, but I'll try anything if it will help me make a few more putts. Have a great round and always hit your target.

***This is an episode of Playing Lessons From The Pros in which Baddeley talks about closing his eyes during his pre-shot routine.  

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