Lower Your Golf Scores With Better Chipping - A Chipping Drill From Troy Vayanos


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Chipping is something I need to work on if I am ever to break 80. Until I can improve my greens in regulation percentage(currently a dismal 15.54%), a premium is put on my short game to get up and down to save par. Here's a great drill from Troy Vayanos that will help the amateur golfer take the fear out of chipping around the greens.

Looking For The Best Golf Chipping Drill? Try This Proven Technique That Works In Just Minutes!

Every golfer at some stage in their life has struggled with their golf chipping around the greens. Either you have hit the golf ball fat or skinny and the end result is a poor chip that leaves you very little chance of getting up and down. I am here to reveal what I believe is the best golf chipping drill to get you chipping the golf ball like a professional.

The key to great chipping as most golfers know is keeping most of your weight on the front foot as well keeping the shaft angle leaning towards your target throughout the entire shot. But, there is one more key element that's vital to enhance the effectiveness of the above 2 key points. Here then is what I believe to be the best golf chipping drill that you can start practising today.

(1) On the practice chipping area, take your regular chipping club and also grab a second club of similar length. Place the regular club as it normally sits and with the second club turn it upside down so the two grips are aligned together. This can also be done with an old shaft or tube like object as long as you can grip the two of them together it will work fine.

(2) Take you normal chipping stance, weight on your front leg and shaft leaning towards the target. Straighten your lead arm (closest to the target) and hold it together as one with the golf clubs. The aim whilst performing the stroke is to keep the left arm and golf clubs as connected as possible so that the wrists don't flip over.

(3) When you are performing this correctly the top golf club will not make contact with your body after the follow through. This is because you are keeping the club face square, down and through towards the ball at impact. If the top club hits you at any stage then you have become disconnected with both golf clubs and the wrists have taken over.

Practice this golf chipping drill until you can stop the top club from touching the side of your body after the follow through. Continue to work at it and remember to keep your lead arm and connecting clubs all as one. Once you feel like you have trained your body and developed the right technique try chipping without the second club. You should find yourself making solid contact with the golf ball and getting a nice feel off the clubface.

Like all golf chipping drills you have to practice them. The good thing about this golf chipping drill is that you should be able to see some really positive results in just a short amount of time.

Troy Vayanos has helped thousands of golfers play their best golf using simple, easy to follow techniques.

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