FORE!!! - Plane Makes An Emergency Landing On Greynolds Park Golf Course


Posted by Dexter Francois | Posted in | Posted on Monday, January 17, 2011

As golfers, we know that when we hear "FORE", it means, cover your head and duck. Someone has just hit an errant shot and it may be making a b-line for the back of your skull. On Saturday, golfers at Greynolds Park Golf Course had to duck. Not because of a mis-hit tee shot, but because a small plane was preparing to make an emergency landing.

Anette Simon, 35, of Avial Banners Inc, was forced to land the plane when its carburetor became iced over, causing the engine to malfunction. I've played this course many times. It is a nice little nine hole track, usually played by the locals in the North Miami Beach area.

If I know the golfers who play there, they probably took it in stride and just asked to play through. Luckily nobody was hurt in the incident as Simon was able to land the plane in the middle of the 9th fairway. I would not be surprised if she is a good golfer. Apparently she knows it's best to end up in short stuff. Have a great round and always hit your target.

Photo found here.

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