Ms. 59 Annika Sorenstam And The Golf Fix


Posted by Dexter Francois | Posted in , , , | Posted on Monday, March 15, 2010

Annika Sorenstam will be making a special guest appearance on the Golf Fix tonight with Michael Breed. Sorenstam is one of the greatest player ever to play on the LPGA tour. Before her departure from competitive golf at the end of the 2008 season, she won 90 international tournaments as a professional, making her the female golf player with the most wins to her name.

She went on to win 72 official LPGA tournaments including ten majors and 18 other tournaments internationally. She leads the LPGA's career money list earning more than $22 million which is $8 million ahead of her closest competitor.

She was also awarded the Player of the Year award eight times, and won the Vare Trophy six times. A trophy given to the LPGA player with the lowest seasonal scoring average. She is the only female golfer to have shot a 59 in competition.

Sorenstam always challenged herself and made history at the Bank of America Colonial tournament in 2003 as the first woman to play in a men's PGA Tour event since 1945. She was criticized for trying to play with the men, but it did a lot for the LPGA tour. Up and coming women golfers took notice and she inspired a whole new generation of female golfers.

I'm looking forward to tonight's broadcast. Breed will be discussing chipping and pitching. Annika will have to keep up with Breed's uptempo style, but I'm sure she will deliver as she always did on the golf course.

Maybe you too will be able to shoot a 59 after watching. Well, at least we can all dream. Have a good one and always hit your target.

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