Golf Wins Bid To Be In The Olympics!


Posted by Dexter Francois | Posted on Friday, October 9, 2009

It's official! Golf is in the 2016 Olympics. It comes at a perfect time during the play of the Presidents Cup. Golf is growing as a global sport. So it is only fitting that International Olympic Committee award golf with the opportunity to showcase itself on the grandest stage in sport.

There was a very strong presence by some of the top players in the game who voiced their opinions including Padraig Harrington, Suzann Peterson, and Michelle Wie. They also brought in via a satellite feed from the Presidents Cup Ernie Els and Tiger Woods to make their plea for the bid.

I was especially impressed with Wie's presentation. While the other golfers were reading off of a piece of paper, Wie spoke from her heart. She talked about the opportunity for young golfers all over the world to dream. To dream of playing golf in the Olympics.

The Olympics is built around dreams. Rio had a dream that they would one day host the Olympic games and it happened. Every athlete that has ever competed in the games started with a dream. As young children they watched their heros on the the television and hoped that one day, they too would be standing on the podium.

Young kids all over the world now have something to look forward to in the game of golf. Representing ones country is an honor that anyone would be lucky to part take in. Maybe I will dream about playing golf in the Olympics.

I am originally from Trinidad & Tobago. While I have spent the majority of my life in America, I hold dual citizenship. That would give me seven solid years to get my 17.4 handicap down to a scratch. If I practice every day I know I can do it. I could represent Trinidad & Tobago in the Olympics...Right? Well at least I can dream.

Hmm...Maybe I should give Stephen Ames a call.

Have a good one, and always hit your target.

"I can dream about doing something that neither Tiger nor Ernie (Els) have ever done, and that is to make the final putt to win an Olympic gold medal. If this dream comes true, somewhere in the world there will be another 4-year-old who sees me on that podium and perhaps starts her own Olympic dream." — Michelle Wie

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