Good Golfers Know How To Concentrate And Maintain Composure - Byron Nelson Quotes


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~Every great player has learned the two Cs: how to concentrate and how to maintain composure~ Byron Nelson

~One way to break up any kind of tension is good deep breathing~ Byron Nelson

~Winners are different. They're a different breed of cat~ Byron Nelson

~Golf is a lot like life. When you make a decision, stick with it~ Byron Nelson

~The first step in building a solid, dependable attitude is to be realistic, not only about your inherent capabilities, but also about how well you are playing to those capabilities on any given day~ Byron Nelson

~Putting affects the nerves more than anything. I would actually get nauseated over three-footers~ Byron Nelson

~One of the things I'm most proud of looking back in my little black book is that my career had a lot of consistency~ Byron Nelson

~It shows you how important one stroke really is in golf, ... One shot doesn't sound like much, but I won eight times in 1944, improved one-third of a shot in '45 and won 18 times~ Byron Nelson

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