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Arizona is littered with great courses and I don't think I will be disappointed when I take on the golf course at Dove Valley Ranch Golf Club. This Robert Trent Jones Jr. design won Arizona's Best New Public Golf Course when it debuted in 1998 and judging from the pictures, it is easy to see why they earned the accolades.

Dove Valley claims that it is "a desert style golf course with hints of tradition, such as ample fairways and subtly contoured greens with openings in front, featuring a low, rolling mix of holes of varying difficulty." So while there is the desert feel, there is still the rough seen on most traditional courses instead of cactus and big boulders.

Before I played at Kokopelli Golf Club, I devised a plan of attack for my round. Dove Valley Ranch's website also does a good job of describing their holes so that you can be better prepared before your round. It doesn't have the yardages, but I can still get a good feel for proper club selection and what hazards to avoid.

The Doctor and I will be joined by Patrick Gibbons who is the founder of Patrick Gibbons, Handmade Exotic Golf. We had the pleasure of meeting Patrick last week after I discovered his collection online while looking for fresh and innovative golf attire. He is a local entrepreneur who is quickly becoming global. He showed us a picture of Kevin Streelman wearing one of his belts at The Masters this past weekend. It won't be long before the Handmade logo becomes mainstream in the golf community and beyond.

The game plan is  to simply hopefully follow the suggestions made available by the hole-by-hole description. I worked on my short game yesterday and today I will hit some balls at the driving range. I was a little shaky off the tee during my last round so I need to tighten that up a bit. The fairways seem to be fairly generous at Dove Valley. I want to take advantage of this fact so that I have a lot of short irons into the greens.

Stop back by for my next post. As always, I will have my course review, pictures, and the results of the round. Until then, have a look at the course layout. If you have played this course before, or have any tips, feel free to leave a comment. Any bit of course knowledge will be a help. Have a great round and always hit your target.

Photos found here.

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